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We are a real estate company representing the Spindrift Condo Complex, that offers real estate and beachside condominiums in Santa Cruz, CA. Schedule a showing now.



Spindrift Condos enjoy professional management by DeCamara Management. Bring a wealth of knowledge to the Board of the Spindrift Condo Homeowners Association, the staff at DeCamara is always looking out the for the best interests of the community. If you have any questions, feel free to contact them at 831.688.0500.


Hoa Benefits

In an age of hyper busy lives and an increasing desire to spend more time living a life of quality, time with content, and socializing that promises to nourish, condos are becoming more and more sensible. You are not spending time slaving over a massive lawn, worrying about cleaning rain gutters, checking the fence posts. Your time and your mind is free for the exploration of more exciting things. Yes, mowing a lawn can be a zen experience, and composting is a rich experience, but really, as the hand of time marches on and your time becomes ever more precious, ( and your back ever more fragile) might it be time to consider deferring those responsibilities? If you are a new homeowner, you may not have the benefit of understanding home maintenance. I have seen so many homes devalued due to neglect. A home is a living thing and demands great care. Condos on the other hand, lovely, light on the land, and easy to dwell in.

There is a myth that home owners dues are a negative. Here’s what you would pay out of pocket in a modest size home for water, gas and electric: Depending on your temperature settings, anywhere from $140.00-250.00 a month. You would have to pay for waste collection, which is $40-$100 per month depending on the billing cycle where you are. Having the gutters cleared annually another couple hundred dollars, getting the lint out of your dryer vent, $60.00 annually, and then getting your fireplace free of dangerous build up, another $50.00 annually. Now add a gardener for $60-$200 a month, an exterior paint job every 5-7 years, a new roof every 25-30, siding repairs, tree trimming and insurance. Suddenly $446.00 a month, and having no hassle is looking a lot better isn’t it?

You travel, let the worker bees tend to your residence!


Getting Settled

Moving is always traumatic but it is also exciting! You get a chance to reinvent yourself. Cast off your old bad habits, set new goals, organize your spices, get rid of your 1980’s clothes, get an exercise program going in Mother Nature’s gym, your beach! Start fresh and then go celebrate.

Below you find the contact information for your utility companies, although your HOA dues takes care of many of these costs. Also you will find a brief review of the local restaurants.

Electricity & Gas PG & E (800) 743-5000 Website
Electricity & Gas Pacific Propane (831) 633-5020 Website
Fire Aptos/La Selva Fire Protection District (831) 685-6690 Website
Insurance for your condo: Mr. John Allanson (831) 685-0101 Website
Phone Local & Long Distance AT&T (800) 310-2355 Website
Police Santa Cruz County Sheriff Department (831) 662-0690 Website
TV/Cable/Satellite Comcast (800) 266-2278 Website
Water Soquel Creek Water (831) 475-8500 Website
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